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Sian Bryant and Dr Jan Mojsa offer Mindfulness Meditation Courses. Mindfulness is simply about raising our awareness of what we are experiencing right here and right now. Taking time out of our busy lives we sit, notice our breath, our thoughts, what we hear around us, the sensations within our bodies without striving to change anything. We do this with kindness and compassion towards ourselves. Many people who practice mindfulness talk about how they feel better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of life. They experience life fully, as it is. It can help us to manage stress and anxiety, improve our relationships and boost the immune system.

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Dr. Jan Mojsa

Sian Bryant

Sian is highly experienced consultant who has spent many years in senior management positions. She is a coach mentor and has delivered mindfulness courses within business organsations.


Jan is an experienced psychotherapist and teacher and first became interested in Buddhism in 1991. She has practiced within both Tibetan and Zen traditions.


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